Commercial garbage disposals

Sometimes a household garbage disposal with 1 horsepower motor just isn’t enough. Maybe you own a restaurant where you need to grind large amounts of food waste, or maybe you need a disposer with commercial capabilities for something else. There are numerous of them on the market right now and hunting for the best one for your needs and budget can get challenging and time consuming. But don’t worry because we will try to make your buying decision as easy as possible. Here are our top recommendations and you can read through brief reviews at the bottom of this page.

Best commercial garbage disposers

DisposerPowerPriceOur rating
Waste King 2000-12 HP???4.9
Insinkerator LC-50-112 HP???4.9
Waste King 1500-1 1.5 HP2 HP???4.9

Pros of commercial disposers

  • They are more powerful than disposers for households, their motor can produce several horsepower.
  • They are capable of heavy-duty work.
  • They are less prone to clogs and jams.

Cons of commercial disposers

  • They are more expensive than household disposal units.
  • They consumer more energy.
  • They are louder.

Waste King 2000-1

waste-king-2000-1The Waste King 2000-1 is by far the largest and also the most expensive disposal unit on our list of recommendations. It’s manufactured by one of the most popular disposal brands, and it’s appropriate for heavy-duty waste grinding tasks.

The 2000-1 unit features an extremely powerful fan cooled motor with 2 horsepower. It works as a single phase unit which means that the food waste goes directly into the level of shedding. But let’s be real, 2 horsepower is enough to serve commercial establishments with ease and there’s no need for more than a single phase.

It also comes with a 16 month warranty on parts and labor, so it’s safe to say that it was designed to serve for a long time.



Insinkerator LC-50-11

insinkerator-lc-50-11The Insinkerator LC-55-11 is the least powerful unit on this list of recommendations, but it comes with its own set of advantages. It’s quite small for a commercial disposer, and it comes with a quite affordable price.

It was designed especially for commercial use which means that it’s probably more durable and more powerful than a regular unit that you usually buy for your apartment or house.

The main advantage of this unit compared to other disposals on this list of recommendations is the price. It’s the most affordable commercial disposer on this list and if you don’t want to spend over $1000 on a single device, this unit might be your perfect choice.



Waste King 1500-1 1.5 HP

waste-king-1500-1-1-5-hpThe Waste King 1500-1 is like a little brother of the 2000-1 model. It looks a little bit different, but it offers almost the same features with three minor differences; less horsepower, shorter warranty coverage, and more affordable price.

The fan cooled motor revs up to 1725 RPM. It’s not the motor with the highest speed on the market, but it makes it up with superior power. 1.5 horsepower is still enough to grind through all kinds of food waste.

This unit comes with 14 months warranty coverage (compared to 16 months with the 2000-1 model). The warranty covers both parts and labor, so you can be pretty sure that it won’t let you down any time soon.




If you own a serious commercial establishment, you already know that time is the essence. Running a restaurant or a fast food franchise is a difficult job and the last thing you want is to spend your hard earned money on a garbage disposal unit that will let you down. We believe that it’s cheaper to buy a more expensive unit than the cheaper one. Especially on the long run.