Improper waste management effects

While this isn’t a topic many people want to delve into, the effects of improper waste management are important to understand. Whether you need to learn the ins and outs of waste management for your job or you’ve recently discovered your garbage disposal not working, this topic needs some attention.

Contamination of soil

Certain items should be recycled instead of simply tossed into the garbage. Plastic, paper, metal and some types of glass should be recycled. If these items are thrown out instead of recycled, they could contaminate the soil.

For example, as plastic bottles start to break down, they release the carcinogen DEHA. DEHA can cause problems in everything from pregnancy to the liver. Another example of soil contamination is that the ink on newspapers can make surrounding soil toxic.

Contamination ends up negatively affecting water, animals, plants, and even humans.

improper waste management effects

Air contamination

Certain substances can’t just be thrown out or poured down the kitchen sink’s drain. Bleach, oil, and acid all contain chemicals that can have harmful effects of improper waste management. These items should be poured into a container and sealed before being thrown out. Also, the container should have a label on it, indicating what’s inside.

Some waste that’s not disposed of correctly can release greenhouse gases, which have a bad effect on the atmosphere.

Repercussions for improper waste management

The effects of improper waste management don’t stop at how it affects the environment. Many areas of the world consider improper waste management a mistake worthy of a hefty fine. The fine for not throwing out garbage in the right manner is often much higher than the cost of simply disposing of waste the right way. Jail time isn’t off the table, either. Depending on the waste that wasn’t disposed of the right way and how much garbage there was, people can actually face time behind bars for this infraction.

Alternatively, if a judge doesn’t want to put someone in jail for throwing their garbage out incorrectly, they may require community service hours. Ironically, the most common community service requirement is to pick up garbage.

People who choose to recycle are contributing in a positive way to the accumulation of waste. Unfortunately, a lot of what you want to recycle actually ends up in landfills or ditches, too. The effects of improper waste management goes well beyond piles of garbage becoming an eyesore. It can be harmful to your health as well.