InSinkErator Badger 1 Review

badger 1 garbage disposerThe Badger 1 is the most affordable garbage disposal unit we have reviewed on our website so far, and it’s made by one of the most iconic disposer brands in the industry, the InSinkErator. It does come with its downsides, but it’s an affordable alternative to the top-end disposers that can easily cost 5 times more than the Badger 1.

But is it the right disposal unit for your needs and budget? Find it out in our ultimate review down below.



Note: We believe that the Badger 5 offers more for its price compared to the Badger 1. You can check out our Badger 5 review here!

The InSinkErator brand has been around for over 75 years. They are very known among both, households and professionals. In fact, nine out of ten professional plumbers choose InSinkErator disposals for their durability, quality, and in-home warranty.

Grind technology

This disposer features a single-stage grind technology with GrindShear Ring. This technology grinds food leftovers with ease, even with a less powerful motor. We believe that the 1/3 horsepower motors are a good choice for very small households and families. But if you are looking for a disposer for a large household, the 1/3 hp motor might be slightly underpowered.


The manufacturer claims that the InSinkErator disposers are among the easiest to install. The Badger 1 features a stainless steel Quick Lock sink mount which makes it easy to install without the need of professional tools. Simply twist off the old disposer, and twist on the new one. The Quick Lock system fits all InSinkErator branded garbage disposals.

Included in the package

  • Quick Lock mount
  • Jam Buster wrench
  • Tailpipe
  • Tailpipe gasket
  • Stopper
  • Installation manual


This unit comes with a full 1-year warranty on parts, and an “in-home” service warranty. If you experience any malfunctioning within the first year of your purchase, simply call their toll-free service line, and you’ll get a professional to fix or replace your unit without any additional costs.


  • Plumbers choice: Recommended by 9 out of 10 Plumbers.
  • Perfect replacement for older versions of the InSinkErator Badger.
  • Continuous disposal feed.
  • Safe for septic systems.
  • Easy to install, comes with an instruction manual, and Quick Lock mount system.
  • Functions at 120 Volts with a grinding speed of 1725 revs per minute.
  • Garbage disposals help the environment by recycling solid food waste. This helps decrease the size of landfills, which helps to minimize the production of greenhouse gasses.


  • The power cord is not included with the unit and will have to be purchased separately.


Despite the fact that the Badger 1 is the most affordable disposer we have reviewed so far, it’s also the least powerful. The 1/3 horsepower motor is on the bottom side of household garbage disposals, and we rarely recommend a unit with less than 3/4 horsepower motor. However, this unit might be a great choice for smaller apartments and studios.

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