InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Review


If you are looking for small and compact garbage disposal unit that can save a lot of space under the cabinet, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a small and compact unit that is manufactured by one of the world’s most popular brands when it comes to garbage disposal units.

Although it was designed primarily for smaller households and families, it features a quite powerful 3/4 horsepower motor with cutting edge grind technology and it comes with several highly advanced features. But is it the right garbage disposal unit for your household? Find it out in our review.



When it comes to household garbage disposal units, the size usually matters. This means that smaller units usually don’t come packed with highly advanced features and their motor doesn’t produce a lot of horsepower. However, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact is one of the exceptions in this area and it keeps amazing us with features that can be found in much larger and more expensive disposal units.

SoundSeal technology

Most garbage disposal units can be quite noisy, especially those with more powerful motors. The InSinkErator seems to have a great solution for that. The Ecolution Compact features sound reducing technology that ensures about 40% less noise than standard disposal units. Of course you can’t expect 3/4 horsepower motor to be completely soundless when operating, but 40% less noise means a lot.

The SoundSeal technology includes anti-vibration tailpipe and sink mount, and superior insulation around the motor which prevents sound to be transmitted from vibrations.

MultiGrind Technology

The MultiGrind technology reduces clogs and jams, and it can save you a lot of struggle on the long run. It allows two stages of grinding action, and can grind through stubborn food waste much better than a standard disposal unit. This technology includes a Tri-Action Lug System, and GrindShear Ring.


If you don’t have a lot of DIY skills, you will appreciate the fact that InSinkErator disposal units are among the easiest to install. All of them feature a popular Quick Lock sink mount which makes the whole installation process as easy as it gets. Simply twist off the old unit, and twist on the new one.


Just like many InSinkErator disposal unit, the Evolution Compact comes with a 4-year in-home limited warranty which includes house calls for the entire warranty period. If you experience issues within the warranty period, simply call a tool-free service line, and they will provide you with the nearest professional service agent who will repair or replace your garbage disposal unit under warranty.


  • If you’re upgrading from the InSinkerator Badge to the Evolution, the mounts and seals are the same.
  • Features a powerful  Dura-Drive induction motor with 3/4 horsepower.
  • Clear and easy installation instructions that many common Joes could do. However at 19.4 lbs it can be a two person job.
  • Looks like it should cost more. It’s a nice looking machine that feels like a great machine. It’s got it all.


  • The power cord is not included in the package.


If you are looking for a small and compact food waste disposal unit that is easy to install, and comes with highly advanced features, the Evolution Compact might be exactly what you’re looking for. We believe that it’s a perfect unit for apartment households with smaller families. However, if you live in a large house with larger family, you might want to take a look at disposers with more powerful motors with more horsepower.

We have reviewed many InSinkErator garbage disposal units and we will surely review many more of them. They have been known for producing some of the best food waste disposal units in the world and all of their disposers are made in the USA.