InSinkErator Evolution Excel Review

insinkerator-evolution-excelThe InSinkErator Evolution series includes some of our favorite garbage disposals on the market. They come equipped with numerous highly advanced and practical features such as the SoundSeal and MultiGrind technology. Although these units are installed under the cabinet where no one can see them, we love the fact that all of the Evolution disposers look sleek and modern.

The Evolution Excel features a powerful motor that is appropriate even for larger households with larger families. It comes with 7-year warranty in-home warranty coverage and even more goodies. But is this the right garbage disposal for your house? Find it out in our ultimate review down below.



SoundSeal technology

If you are in the process of replacing your old garbage disposal, there’s a huge chance that you hate the sound of it. It’s a fact that most disposal units can be quite noisy and can wake up some sleepy family members in the household, or even neighbors when turned on. However, the Evolution Excel comes with a highly advanced SoundSeal technology which makes it ultra quiet while operating. The secret of this technology is in the insulation around the motor, and anti-vibration sink mount and tail pipe. It’s designed to prevent vibrations from turning into noise.

MultiGrind technology

When garbage disposals get jammed, a small problem can turn into a big problem very quickly. We believe that it’s important to choose a garbage disposal unit with as many anti-jamming features as possible, and the Evolution Excel is a pure example of this. The MultiGrind technology reduces the chances of clogs and jams, and allows you to grind even the most stubborn food waste. It features a three-stage grind technology which means that this disposal loves the heavy-duty work.


When it comes to instalation, the InkSinkErator disposers are in the class of their own. They feature a Quick Lock sink mount which makes the whole installation process as easy as it gets, even if you don’t have a lot of DIY skills. Simply twist off the disposer that you want to replace, and twist on the new one. This technology allows you to replace any InSinkErator disposer in a matter of seconds.


This unit comes with a massive 7-year in-home limited warranty coverage. If your unit starts malfunctioning, simply call a tool-free service line and you’ll get connected with one of 1500 service agents who will gladly repair or replace your unit at your home. All of the service agents are certified to work with InSinkErator disposers.

Included in the package

  • Quick Lock sink mount
  • Sink baffle
  • Jam-Buster wrench
  • Anti-vibration tailpipe mount
  • Clamp
  • Installation instructions


  • Smart technology shuts itself off to prevent overheating
  • Quick lock sink mount makes installation quick and easy
  • Super quiet motor comes with insulation around the motor and anti-vibration sink mount and tailpipe
  • Multi-grind technology reduces the risks of clogs and jams letting you grind larger am0unts of food
  • Lets you recycle food. Recycling food decreases the size of landfills and reduces the amount of greenhouse gases produced.


  • This unit does not come with a power cord. It will have to be purchased separately.


The Evolution Excel is just another great garbage disposal unit from the InSinkErator company. It comes a powerful motor that comes with numerous highly advanced features, an in-home 7-year warranty coverage, and its advanced SoundSeal technology makes it ultra quiet when it’s operating. We would recommend this unit for any household with over two family members and those who want to have one of the best garbage disposals for the money.

We have ranked this unit to the top of our best garbage disposal list and we believe it’s going to stay there for years to come. The only con that we were able to find about it is the fact that you have to purchase the power cord separately. But considering the fact that the power cord usually costs about $10, this doesn’t seem like a big issue.