Kitchen Aid KCDB250G Review

kitchen aid disposerKitchenAid is a brand that’s well known among both regular homeowners and professionals. It was founded in 1919 which means they have almost a century of tradition and experience behind them. Although they are more known for mixers and other kitchen appliances, their garbage disposal units are used by homeowners all across the world.

The KCDB250G is a quite popular disposer judging by numerous customer reviews it has received in various online stores. But is it the right disposal unit for your kitchen sink? Find it out in our review down below.



This disposer comes with a 1/2 horsepower motor. It’s powerful enough for smaller families, but it could be underpowered for large households.


The Kitchen Aid KCDB250G is made of galvanized stainless and ABS steel. These high quality materials usually last for many years.

Continuous feed

The KCDB250G features a continuous feed system which means there is no stopping to wait while the food is being ground. You can continue to put new food waste into the disposal as the old waste is still being ground.


This unit comes with 1-year warranty coverage. It isn’t the best warranty out there on the market (especially comparing to 10-year warranty of Waste King disposers), but it’s better than no warranty at all.


  • On the affordable side of garbage disposals.
  • Mounting systems makes it very easy to install.
  • It is safe and easy to operate because the disposal is connected to an electrical switch.
  • Special whisper quiet polystyrene sound barrier that lets you clean up quickly,but without the usual loud noises that other disposals make.
  • Powerful motor that operates at 1 / 2 Horsepower and 1725 revolutions per minute – you will grind food super fast with this disposal unit.
  • The KitchenAid 1/2 Horsepower disposal unit can be used with or without a cover – you can use your disposal unit in the way best suited for you.
  • Swivel impellers operate at 360 degrees.
  • Shredder rings made from galvanized steel will grind food waste down to its smallest components allowing the waste to get easily washed down the drain.


  • The power cord needs to be purchased separately if you need one.
  • The motor could be more powerful (1/2 hp)


Although we don’t usually recommend garbage disposals with motors with less than 1/2 horsepower, we could make an exception for Kitchen Aid KCDB250G. It’s an affordable disposer and it could be a great choice for smaller families. However, we suggest looking for something more powerful if you have a larger family and you intend to grind larger amounts of food leftovers more often.